industrial collab


One of the central goals of the KTT Team is to foster the establishment of new partnerships between ICFO researchers and businesses of all types. To foment collaborations, KTT has instigated a number of programs and associations which allow relationships to blossom into full-fledged technology transfer initiatives.

Some collaboration takes place within the broader context of Academia-Industry Associations including Platforms and Associations as well as Networks of Excellence. ICFO also actively engages directly with Industry through the Corporate Liaison Program (CLP), which forms a bridge to all types of businesses and puts a structure in place to help achieve common goals, the Exhibit Room Program, where companies are invited to exhibit their photonics related products and interact with the ICFO scientific community, and through Joint Research Projects.

ICFO has a wide range of joint research projects currently running in collaboration with different types of corporations worldwide, including start-ups, small and medium enterprises and large companies. Joint projects include both public and privately funded research activities, contracted research, consultancy, and co-development or prototyping. Other explored possibilities are joint research labs, joint ventures, or personnel exchange programs.

Examples of collaborative projects with industry:

The KTT office is open to new types of collaborations with new and existing partners and is eager to meet with interested potential collaborators to discuss ways in which we can team up.