In 2004, ICONS (ICFO Organization and Network of Students) was created by a group of motivated students as an umbrella organization for all ICFO Student Chapters. It is recognized and supported by Optica (formerly OSA), International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) and European Physical Society (EPS). Not only does ICONS aim to build and support the student experience within ICFO, it also ties ICFO Students to a larger international group of young scientists working to advance the understanding and science of light.

The ICONS Student Chapter promotes long term educational activities for students and helps to improve career opportunities by drawing them closer to the photonics community. An annually elected government spearheads the network's activities which aim to intensify the interaction and collaboration of its members and between ICFO working groups. The organization of the chapter facilitates participation at all levels in order to achieve broad participation within the ICFO community.

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