WOMEN IN SCIENCE MONTH Interactive Discussion on unconscious bias and micro-aggressions

February 18th, 2020 ICFO Auditorium

Interactive Discussion: unconscious bias and micro-aggressions
Tuesday, 18 February at 12:00h

Join us for an interactive discussion that will help us all to think about subtle comments and actions that may be unintentionally harmful to others. By becoming more self-reflective, we can help chip away at some of the gender inequities and help all women and men succeed.

*Please note that for this discussion, we will use Kahoot, a mobile phone based tool that facilitates real-time polls involving the audience to enrich the discussion. Please bring your mobile phone!

Throughout the ICFOnians for Women in Science Month celebration at ICFO (11 Feb – 8 March) we will be celebrating women’s accomplishments while examining the current reality for women pursing scientific careers.

We all have something to add to and learn from this session and everyone is encouraged to participate.