Dr Allison Romanyshyn
February 17th, 2021 ALLISON ROMANYSHYN Senior Director, Community Engagement & Chief Inclusion Officer; SPIE - The international society for optics and photonics

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11 February) and International Women’s Day (8th March) are two international events that have inspired ICFO to dedicate an entire month (Feb 11th – Mar 8th) to women in science with activities designed to celebrate women’s accomplishments as well as examine the current reality for women pursing scientific careers.

Events in his program are directed to all ICFOnians as well as interested members of our extended community and aim to examine and support a diverse and inclusive environment in science.

INVITED TALK: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion – What SPIE Can Do
Dr. Allison Romanyshyn , Senior Director, Community Engagement & Chief Inclusion Officer; SPIE - The international society for optics and photonics
Moderator Prof Robert Sewell, Head of Academic Affairs at ICFO and Chair of the SPIE @ ICFO Chair for Diversity in the Photonic Sciences

Allison Romanyshyn serves as Chief Inclusion Officer and Senior Director for Community Engagement at SPIE. As a member of the senior leadership team, Allison works across the SPIE’s departments and programs to facilitate and support the creation of a diverse and inclusive environments at all SPIE events. She leads the development and implementation of strategies to create a diverse, inclusive, and equitable programs and activities in support of our community.

While Allison’s background is not technical in nature, she holds degrees in education and marketing, and this training along with her twenty-four-year tenure with SPIE informs the development of many activities and programs. In addition to oversight of all Membership and Community Support programs, Allison oversees SPIE governance activity as well as the operation of SPIE facilities.

SPIE is committed to supporting members of the optics and photonics community. We work hard to ensure welcoming, and safe environments for all event attendees and program participants. SPIE volunteer leadership and staff believe it is our role as convenors, to create open and inclusive forums in order to maximize the potential for innovation and collaboration. In this talk I will provide you with a brief overview of SPIE’s mission, our activities over the last three years, and some plans for the future.

Launching the Women in Optics Planner more than fifteen years ago, I would have never dreamed there would be a 2021 issue. While SPIE has made many positive strides, there remains much to be done.

Event: Wednesday, February 17, 2021, 17:00. ONLINE