Quantum Chaos for Open Systems: Universal Spectra of Random Lindblad Operators
April 27th, 2021 KAROL ŻYCZKOWSKI Jagiellonian University

The spectrum of generic superoperators, corresponding to random stochastic operations, displays a universal behaviour: it contains the leading eigenvalue λ1= 1, while all other eigenvalues are restricted to the disk of radius R<1. In the case of generic dynamics in continuous time, we introduce an ensemble of random Lindblad operators, demonstrate its spectral features including the lemon-like shape of the spectrum in the complex plane, and explain them with a non-hermitian random matrix model. We show how such spectra are modified due to superdecoherence, which leads to Kolmogorov operators, which generate Markovian evolution in the simplex of classical probability vectors.

Due to recommendations in place to contribute containing the spreading of COVID-19, the Theory Lectures will be carried out remotely via Zoom. In case you want to receive an invitation to attend the online session, you can send an email to Giovanna.Petrillo at

Tuesday, April 27, 2021, 10:00. Online (Zoom)