On Distances in the Space of Quantum States
May 11th, 2021 KAROL ŻYCZKOWSKI Jagiellonian University

An AME state of a system consisting of 2k parties is distinguished by the fact that for any splitting of the system into two parts with k subsystem each, both parties are maximally entangled. Such states, useful to construct quantum error-correction codes and teleportation schemes, are known for several systems including four systems with N=3,4,5,7,8... levels each and a six-qubit system. We show that the AME(4,6) state of four subsystems with six levels each exists and present an analytical solution, equivalent to a 2-unitary matrix of order 36 and a perfect tensor with 4 indices running from one to six [4]. Furthermore, it yields a quantum error correcting ((3,6,2))6 code and can be considered as a quantum solution of the famous 36-officers problem of Euler with entangled officers. We tend to believe this result will trigger further research in the field of quantum designs and quantum combinatorics.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2021, 10:00. Online (Zoom)