How Quantum Science and Technology Is Inspiring New Imaging Systems

May 11th, 2021 MILES PADGETT University of Glasgow

This talk will discuss two of the new imaging system under development by QuantIC, the UK’s centre for research in Quantum Inspired Imaging. The first of these systems uses correlated pairs of photons produced by parametric down conversation as the probe and reference channels in an imaging system. Our goal is to eliminate sources of background light and sensor noice from images. Using commercially available sources and cameras we are able to eliminate ≈95% of this background light/noise hopefully creating a new modality of low light imaging. The second of these system is an endoscopic imaging system the width of a human hair. This endoscope is based upon a single multi-mode optical fibre and uses used light, not only to create an image of the scene, but through photon timing can recover depth information to image in 3D. Using high-speed beam shaping techniques we are able to recover images with a resolution of 50x50, a depth accuracy 5Hz.


Quantum Seminar, May 11, 2021, 12:00. Online (Zoom)

Hosted by Dr Juan P. Torres

This project has been co-funded with 50% by the European Regional Development Fund under the framework of the ERFD Operative Programme for Catalunya 2014-2020 (project QuantumCat, ref. 001-P-001644).