ICONS WORKSHOP The Publication Process

June 10th, 2021 ICONS ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences

The motivation for this workshop is to provide a guide for a successful publication submission based on available resources as well as previous experience shared by colleagues. The whole workshop will count with the participation of thirteen ICFOnians and will be divided in three parts as follows:

Thursday June 10th at 11 hrs

In this session, our director Lluis Torner will give a brief introduction about the motivation for the scientific community to publishing their research. The topics to address are the following:
    What does a publication mean?
  • Why do we publish?
  • When an idea becomes publishable?
  • What is ICFO’s position in terms of publications?

Following him, our library manager Ferran Camps will give a general description about the types of journals and types of publications considering trends in metrics and impact factors. The cost of publications and open access journals will be discussed as well. Ferran will share some numbers regarding ICFO’s scientific output and the journals that ICFOnians publish the most in.


Session 2.1. What to consider for a successful submission?
Tuesday June 15th at 11 hrs
Arturo Villegas
will present some slides about how to prepare a manuscript considering the content of the research and the results. Using the information provided by Ferran in the previous session, here we will discuss how to chose the type of publication and the journal that best fits our research as well as how to meet the requirements of the journal in terms of language, length and format. Some resources from EPS, OSA, APS, Nature and others will be included. In addition, the letter to the editor will be introduced here.
Rob Sewell will focus on formal considerations for a publication submission; this includes topics like: authorship (who must and who should be included as authors), how to communicate with collaborators (internal and/or external to ICFO), research integrity, plagiarism, data availability, ethics, affiliation, acknowledgements, etc.
Klara Theophilo and Javier Argüello will share their experience about the topics addressed in this session. The discussion will contain collaboration and affiliation issues, workload, writing of the manuscript according to the selected journal as well as the interaction with the editorial office and the platform.

Session 2.2 How is a submitted paper evaluated? Tuesday June 22nd at 17 hrs
Javier García de Abajo
will talk, from the Editor’s perspective, about the process for the evaluation and revision of a manuscript. Starting by judging the information given in the cover letter, he will discuss the main factors to be considered in the evaluation process and selection of referees. He will comment on the things to pay attention to; for instance, fitting to the journal aims, novelty, relevance and content, writing style, language, techniques and methods.
Georgia Papadakis (GL) and Alexandre Dauphin (senior postdoc) will share their experience regarding manuscript evaluation. The greatest value of this session is that the discussion contains the author, referee, and editor points of view. The topics to address are what to look for, how much to engage while evaluating, resources provided by the editorial and how to write the report to the editor. As often happen, in case of failure, the resubmission process will also be discussed from the three points of view mentioned.

Wednesday June 30th at 10 hrs

This session is dedicated to the impact that a publication potentially has not only as a research output. We invited Federica Beduini from Outreach, Silvia Carrasco from KTT, Brook Hardwick from Communications, together with GL Maria García Parajo to discuss the in-house possibilities to enhance the impact of a given publication in particular cases in terms of awards, patents, IP and conferences.

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