The Publications Process Workshop Session 2.
How to Succeed? / Session 2.1. What to Consider for a Successful Submission?

June 15th, 2021 Arturo Villegas, PhD student; Rob Sewell, Head of Academic Affairs ;Klara Theophilo, Postdoctoral researcher; and Javier Argüello, PhD student

Arturo Villegas, PhD student, will present some slides about how to prepare a manuscript considering the content of the research and the results. Using the information provided by Ferran in the previous session, here we will discuss how to choose the type of publication and the journal that best fits our research as well as how to meet the requirements of the journal in terms of language, length and format. Some resources from EPS, OSA, APS, Nature and others will be included. In addition, the letter to the editor will be introduced here.

Rob Sewell, Head of Academic Affairs, will focus on formalities that have to be considered when one wants to make a submission to a journal. This includes topics like: authorship (who must and who should be included as authors), how to communicate with collaborators (internal and/or external to ICFO), research integrity, plagiarism, data availability, scientific ethics, affiliation, author contributions and acknowledgements, etc.

Klara Theophilo, Postdoctoral researcher, and Javier Argüello, PhD student, will share their experience about the topics addressed in this session. The discussion will include collaboration and affiliation issues, differences between publications in theoretical and experimental fields, comments concerning writing the manuscript according to the selected journal as well as the interaction with the editorial office and the platform.

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Seminar, June 15, 2021, 11:00. ICFO Auditorium and Online (Zoom)