The Publications Process Workshop Session 2.
How to Succeed? / Session 2.2. How is a Submitted Paper Evaluated?

June 22nd, 2021 Javier García de Abajo, Group Leader; Georgia Papadakis, Group Leader; Alexandre Dauphin, Postdoctoral researcher

Javier García de Abajo, Group Leader, will talk, from the Editor’s perspective, about the process for the evaluation and revision of a manuscript. Starting by judging the information given in the cover letter, he will discuss the main factors to be considered in the evaluation process and selection of referees. He will comment on the things to pay attention to; for instance, fitting to the journal aims, novelty, relevance and content, writing style, language, techniques and methods.

Georgia Papadakis, Group Leader, and Alexandre Dauphin, Postdoctoral researcher, will share their experience regarding manuscript evaluation and the resources offered by editorials. The greatest value of this session is that the discussion contains the author, referee, and editor points of view. The topics to address are what to look for when evaluating an article, how much to engage, resources provided by the editorial and how to write the report to the editor. As often happen, in case of failure, the resubmission process will also be discussed from the three points of view mentioned.

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Seminar, June 22, 2021, 17:00. ICFO Auditorium and Online (Zoom)