Doing the Transition from Academic to Industrial Front-Line Research
June 15th, 2021 JAN HUWER Cambridge Research Laboratory of Toshiba Europe Ltd

In this seminar I am going to talk about my personal experience when doing the transition from what I would describe as hard-core experimental quantum optics in academia during my PhD to front-line research in a company, world leading in the field of quantum communications. I’ll give an overview about what I have been working on since joining Toshiba Europe and how the scope of my work has evolved over the past 7 years. I’ll further discuss challenges that I have encountered, differences to the academic approach to research and experiences from my PhD (such as moving Labs for example) that I unexpectedly greatly benefitted from over the years.

Jan Huwer is a senior research scientist in the Quantum Information Group at the Cambridge Research Laboratory of Toshiba Europe Ltd., which he joined in 2014. Apart from other projects, Jan is mainly working on the development of telecom wavelength quantum-light sources based on semiconductor quantum dots. Current focus of his work is the implementation of quantum communication applications using these devices. He spent time at ICFO (2008-2010) doing a PhD in the area of quantum networks using single trapped ions in the group of Jürgen Eschner which he continued and finished at Saarland University in Germany (2010-2014), after moving Labs halfway through his thesis.

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