Attosecond Science – Pushing the Cutting Edge of Optical Science to Study Natures Fastest Processes
August 31st, 2021 ADAM SUMMERS Attoscience and Ultrafast Optics

A main theme throughout physics is the study of dynamics, the process of how things move and evolve. Since the invention of the laser in 1960, intensive research has focused on making shorter and shorter pulses with the goal of using these pulses to investigate increasingly faster dynamics. Current state of the art laser technology now delivers the ability to make attosecond pulses, flashes of light shorter than one millionth of a billionth of a second! In this this talk I will explain how these incomprehensibly short pulses are used to take snap shots and “photograph” the motion of some of the fastest actions that occur in chemistry, electronics and light-matter interactions. These include observing how atoms and molecules rearrange themselves during a chemical reaction and tracking the motion of electrons in solid-state systems. Understanding the exact nature of these dynamic processes is critical to developing cutting edge and vitally important technologies such as next generation solar-cells, super-conducting electronic circuits and even novel quantum devices.

Attendance is mandatory