Nanotube Mechanical Resonators – Tiny Electron Forces and Large Electron Backaction
September 7th, 2021 ADRIAN BACHTOLD Quantum NanoElectronics and NanoMechanics

Mechanical resonators based on carbon nanotubes feature a series of truly exceptional properties. In particular, the mechanical vibrations are highly sensitive to the tiny forces associated with the electron states in the nanotube and vice versa, leading to large backaction effects. In this talk, I will discuss our efforts to cool the amplitude of the thermal vibrations close to quantum ground state. Cooling is achieved using a simple yet powerful method, which consists in applying a constant (DC) current of electrons through the suspended nanotube in a dilution fridge. I will also present results where we strongly couple mechanical vibrations to the two electron states involved in single-electron tunnelling (SET). This results in a highly nonlinear potential for mechanical vibrations despite the relatively low quanta population (about 80 quanta). I will finish the presentation by explaining our effort towards the realization of a mechanical qubit.

Attendance is mandatory