Towards Experimental CV Quantum Networks in Non-linear Waveguides
November 11th, 2021 VÍCTOR ROMÁN RODRÍGUEZ Sorbonne Université

Cluster states are a particular kind of quantum network which are useful for measurement-based quantum information protocols or multipartite quantum communication schemes. In this presentation I will describe the theoretical generation of multimode optical cluster states via spontaneous parametric down conversion, from the classical hamiltonian to the design of the experiment according to the desired quantum states. I will then present the experiment done after the theoretical approach in which we generate the quantum network on non-linear waveguides, hence no cavity is needed due to the strong light confinement in the waveguide. I will show our latest experimental results, in particular the different accessible frequency modes generated (nodes) and their squeezing level (links), which is the quantum resource in our case. Some perspectives on the future work will also be given at the end of the talk.

Seminar, November 11, 2021, 15:00. Blue Lecture Room

Hosted by Prof Antonio Acín