Observation of Pauli Blocking in light Scattering from Quantum Degenerate Fermions
December 9th, 2021 AMITA DEB University of Otago

The Pauli exclusion principle forbids indistinguishable fermions from occupying the same quantum mechanical state. The implications of this are profound; for example, it accounts for the electronic shell structure of atoms. Here, we performed measurements on the scattering of light from ultracold ensembles of atoms. For a Fermi gas in the quantum degenerate regime, we observed a marked suppression in scattering compared with a similarly prepared Bose gas. The observed decrease in fluorescence and the corresponding increase in light transmission results from Pauli blocking, where Fermi-Dirac statistics limits the number of accessible states for a scattering atom in a large Fermi sea. Our work confirms a fundamental result on the optical response of quantum gases and may contribute to cooling and thermometry schemes.

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