17 September 2021 New Board for ICONS

Blanca Belsa (President), Giulia Lo Gerfo (Vice-President)

Cristian Boghiu (Treasurer), Carolina Fajardo (Secretary)

Jessica Angulo (Communications), Julita Poborska (Diversity and Inclusion)

Blanca Belsa, Giulia Lo Gerfo, Cristian Boghiu, Carolina Fajardo, Jessica Angulo, and Julita Poborska are the new officers of the ICFO Organization and Network of Students The ICFO Organization and Network of Students (ICONS), is an organization that promotes educational activities for students, boosting their career opportunities by drawing them closer to the photonics community. Likewise, the network endeavours to intensify the interaction and collaboration of its members within ICFO by organizing social events like Social Friday, and in typical years, the annual International Food Festival, amongst others.

Each year since its creation in 2004, the general assembly of the ICFO Organization and Network of Students (ICONS) appoints a new board of officers by an open vote. This year the new leaders are Blanca Belsa (President); Giulia Lo Gerfo (Vice-President); Carolina Fajardo (Secretary); Cristian Boghiu (Treasurer); Jessica Angulo (Communications Officer); and Julita Poborska (Diversity and Inclusion Officer).

This new team takes over from outgoing leaders Arturo Villegas (President); Blanca Belsa (Vice-President); Monserrat Alvarez (Secretary); Jana Ockova (Treasurer); Cristian Boghiu (Communications Officer); and Pablo Fernandez (Diversity Officer). In spite of the peculiarities of this atypical year that was marked by social distancing for COVID, this leadership team was very active, working to launch programs for the PhD community and the institution in general, including the first institutional PRIDE Month celebration at ICFO.

Congratulations to the new ICONS leaders and many thanks to the outgoing team for all your efforts to enrich the experience of PhD students at ICFO.