22 September 2021 European Photonics Academy

A large menu of top quality training options from best-in-class facilities

A program to train thousands of industry workers in the adoption and development of innovative photonics-based solutions Europe is a global leader in the development of photonics technologies, with much of this innovation generated through research funded by the European Commission. PhotonHub Europe, a photonics innovation hub funded by the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, aims to accelerate the uptake and deployment of photonics technologies by European industry at all levels thus strengthening the competitiveness of Europe’s industries and economy. A critical strategic element of this plan is the European Photonics Academy, a structured training and education program that is currently made up of 40 training centres across Europe (with 10 more to be announced later this year) offering all regions in the EU access to training.

“For the first time the European Photonics Academy means that SMEs have a one-stop-shop to pick and choose from a large menu of training options, making it easy to get the exact training course suited to their needs. Companies can be assured that their employees are getting top quality training from best-in-class facilities since quality assurance is overseen by PhotonHub,” declares Prof Peter O’Brien of the UCC Tyndall Institute in Ireland, who leads training support services at the academy.

The European Photonics Academy offers three types of training courses:
  • Online Training, geared towards new entrants to the photonics sector providing a half-day introduction to photonics and an overview of the key enabling power of photonics technologies for wide-ranging applications.
  • Demo Centres, offering one-day training courses on-site with a focus on particular photonics technology applications.
  • Experience Centres, offering in-depth three-day or five-day training courses with a strong focus on lab-based activities and hands-on working using state-of-the-art equipment and application demonstrator tools.

  • ICFO, a PhotonHub project partner and technology support provider, participates in the Academy’s training catalogue through the SLN Facility as a Demo Centre, offering hands-on training courses on super resolution and advance microscopy imaging techniques, with applications in Agriculture, Life Sciences and more.

    Other Demo and Experience Centres open to SMEs all across Europe offer training in photonic technologies that underpin many other existing and emerging applications. Some current applications include:

    - Agriculture (scanning technology and infrared imaging to monitor food production and quality, and sensor systems for planting and irrigation)
    - Green Energy Sources (LED lighting and Photovoltaic devices used for solar electric panels)
    - Information Communications Technology (optics for data storage, transmission across fibre-optic networks and displays)
    - Life Sciences (testing and analysis devices such as non-invasive glucose monitors and point-of-care and wearable diagnostics)
    - Medical Technology (lasers for surgery, photodynamic therapy, smart surgical instruments).

    Companies and individuals wishing to participate in any of the Online Training, or either of the Demo or Experience Centre training courses, are encouraged to browse the training catalogue via the PhotonHub website (https://www.photonhub.eu/our-services/) and register for the particular course of interest.

    Further details about PhotonHub’s extensive Online Training, and Demo and Experience Centre training courses, can be found in the link here: https://www.photonhub.eu/our-services/#Training